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EcoTalk may be new to you but it's based on old fashioned, trusted and true methods.  At EcoTalk we want you to feel comfortable.  Asking you to drive to a busy city centre, pay for parking, put your mask on and then sit in a stuffy office for an hour isn't ideal. We don't want to add stress to your life.  


We invite you to find a peaceful place where you are able to appreciate the beauty of nature or the serenity of your favourite room.  We want you to connect with your therapist from a place of safety. This ensures that you will be able to make the most of your therapeutic time with our counsellors. 

Our Registered Clinical Counsellors have years of education and experience which allows them to support and guide you to make choices that will empower you on your journey.

Welcome to EcoTalk! For people who appreciate ease, authenticity and connection.  

Based out of Fort Langley B.C.


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Tel: 778-551-0421

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