Counselling that fits your needs.


An eclectic approach to traditional counselling. Sessions are offered outdoors, online, over the phone or in office.

Psychotherapists are trained professionals helping people to move through difficult transitions while minimizing their negative impact.
At EcoTalk we give you the opportunity to access counselling where you are most comfortable.  
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Counselling The Nervous System 


Chronic stress or trauma can trigger the nervous system to become reactive. 

Initially this response is helpful as it protects us when we perceive a threat.  In some cases once the threat is over the body remains stuck in this hyper- vigilance.  This manifests as severe anxiety which can turn to depression and also present as post traumatic stress disorder.  


EcoTalk offers trauma informed counselling.  We utilize the bodies natural ability to heal itself through neuroplasticity, mindfulness, cognitive processing and breath and body work.

EcoTalk offers outdoor session options to access the healing and grounding benefits of movement and nature. If outdoor sessions aren't right for you we can start with online, office or phone sessions.