Services: Outdoor Therapy

I opened EcoTalk with the goal of providing patients in the Lower Mainland with top-of-the-line mental health services in unique formats. Sessions are offered outdoors around Fort Langley BC rain or shine. Whether you’re looking for a bit of guidance, or need professional assistance processing and overcoming a traumatic experience - your wellbeing is my priority. 

Walk'n Talk Session

Do you struggle to sit still?  Do you have trouble articulating your feelings?  Walk'n Talk Sessions may be perfect for you.  They allow the client and therapist to walk a loop trail while working towards your healing journey.  Combining the healing benefits of nature, movement and therapy allows you to maximize your growth potential without the awkwardness of sitting in silence.  


Riverside Session

Beside the peaceful river we will sit in comfort while reflecting on and exploring the thoughts and feelings that have you feeling stuck.  These sessions work well for people looking to slow down, become more grounded and find peace in the present. 


If you are ready to start your healing journey please contact me and we will discuss your options.   


Individual Sessions

$140.00+5% GST** per 50 minutes

**Many extended health care plans cover Counselling sessions with Registered Clinical Counsellors/Psychotherapists. Please contact your plan directly for more information  on coverage.